BIRTHSTONE NECKLACE fine designer jewelry for men and women
BIRTHSTONE NECKLACE fine designer jewelry for men and women
BIRTHSTONE NECKLACE fine designer jewelry for men and women
BIRTHSTONE NECKLACE fine designer jewelry for men and women
BIRTHSTONE NECKLACE fine designer jewelry for men and women


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$ 29.99
Style: Jan / Garnet

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Our necklace acts as a stunning statement piece to any outfit, whilst benefitting you spiritually. Each necklace is uniquely paired with a specific birthstone for each month. This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves a story behind their jewelry.

  • 100% Original/Natural Stones.
  • Handmade.

Choose from a range of crystals: 

Garnet (January): Garnets are very grounding stones that have incredible manifestation abilities. They are of great assistance in bringing creative thoughts into the physical world.

Amethyst (February)Amethyst in 7 chakra corresponding to the eyebrow wheel which can promote the activity of brain cells, helping to think and concentrate. Amethyst stands for spirituality, spirit and noble love. It can be used as an emotion and symbol of an admirer. And it is also known as amulet, usually dispels demons and enhances individual luck.

Aquamarine (March): Aquamarine evokes the purity of crystalline waters, and the exhilaration and relaxation of the sea. It is calming, soothing, and cleansing, and inspires truth, trust and letting go.

Black Diamond (April): The black color reflects authority and power. Other people consider these black gems to attract achievement, stability and inner strength. Lastly, black diamonds are a symbol of strong relationships and romance.

Emerald (May): Called the “Stone of Successful Love,” Emerald opens and nurtures the heart and the Heart Chakra. Its soothing energy provides healing to all levels of the being, bringing freshness and vitality to the spirit.

Moonstone (June): As the moon cycles connect us to nature, the moonstone also reminds us that our lives also ebb and flow. Moonstone cultivates compassion and empathy. It helps us to tap into our intuition and enhances psychic abilities and clairvoyance. 

Ruby (July): The Ruby stone is an excellent aid to assist you with recharging your energy levels. It is very effective for encouraging vitality, sensuality and aiding intimate relationships. It is well known as a deep red gemstone and crystal with a striking color, which may stimulate your mind to be more positive and self-assured.

Peridot (August): Peridot, in shades of olive, is one of the few gemstones that forms in only one color. Beautifully faceted, it evokes the lateness of summer and the onset of fall, as leaves morph from green to gold and hang like jewels in the sunlight. It is a crystal of warmth and well-being, mentally stimulating and physically regenerating.

Sapphire (September): Revered as a stone of royalty, sapphire was believed to keep kings safe from harm or envy. It was also purported to protect you from dishonesty, fraud, terror, poverty, and even stupidity and ill temper.

Rose Quartz (October): Rose quartz is a famous love gem and one of the most popular crystal gemstones for women. The rose quartz corresponds to the heart wheel in 7 chakra, which can strengthen the health of the heart and lung function and relieve the irritability. It is also a healing crystal that can improve your relationship with your lover and bring you a happy emotional life.

Citrine (November): Citrine is a yellow quartz that has been associated for centuries as possessing the healing properties of the sun. As a gem that does not absorb or give off negative vibes, citrine harnesses the light, the power of the sun, to help you manifest your goals and remain cheerful. It attracts an abundance and personal power.

Turquoise (December): The Turquoise crystal properties are connected to the healing energy of water, the life-giving element that sustains the planet and the origins of life itself. This energy of renewal and rejuvenation is what gives the Turquoise crystal its unique ability to support healing intentions and overall well-being. 


  • All crystals are ethically sourced
  • Pendant size:  2x1x1 cm | ~ 0.8x0.4x0.4 in
  • Adjustable necklace length: 48 cm | 19 in - 53 cm | 21 in


Q: Are these crystals real?
A: Yes! All of our crystals are real and ethically sourced.

Q: What is the necklace chain made out of?
A:  The necklace chain is made from high quality gold electroplated copper

Q: How long is the necklace chain?
A:  The necklace chain is ~ 19 inches or 48 cm long and can be adjusted up to 53 cm or 21 inches.

Q: Can this be worn at all times?
A: Yes! You'll need to take proper precautions. To make your jewelry last longer, we suggest the following:
- Wash your hands before and after wearing because the oils on your body can tarnish the jewelry.
- Don't store your jewelry on top of each other or in a pile to prevent unnecessary friction.
- Avoid perfumes and lotion in the area of the jewelry.
- Take it off before any exposure to water.
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BIRTHSTONE NECKLACE fine designer jewelry for men and women


$ 63.99 $ 29.99


$ 63.99 $ 29.99
Style: Jan / Garnet

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