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Models Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin have already discovered Australian designer Lucie Ferguson’s jewellery label Babyanything but one shot with Kim Kardashian has turned the 12-year-old brand into an overnight sensation.

Lucie’s well-connected sister, They All Hate Us blogger Elle Ferguson (who works with 9Style favourite Tash Sefton) was recently invited to the LA beauty launch of Kim Kardashian’s new collection.

Kim posted a photograph with Elle, who was wearing Babyanything’s Aurora Luna Medallion ($820 with a 42cm chain) and Saint Christopher Medallion ($845 with 55cm chain) and the e-store clicking began.

"The response has been amazing and we have now started a pre-sale list," Lucie says.

"The influence of Kim Kardashian and Elle can’t be understated and it’s satisfying to see two beautiful and strong women wearing my pieces," she says.

"The St Christopher’s medallions weren’t actually due to be released until August, but since wearing them at the KKW beauty launch, Babyanything decided to release them and there is now a waiting list.  They are handcrafted in a small Italian village that actually produces the medallions for the Vatican!" said Lucie.

Kim, wearing a similar pendant in the post was obviously impressed to with Elle posting:

"The similarities are uncanny... phone always glued to hand... loves a gold babyanything saint chain... obsessed with the kkwbeauty contouring kit... loves to pout... loves a photo booth... just start calling me K-Elle."

Kim Kardashian West and Elle Ferguson at KKW Beauty launch last week. Image: Instagram/@elle_ferguson

The St Christopher medallion Elle is wearing Lucie was inspired by their mother’s own necklace of the patron saint for travellers. Lucie has been making fine jewellery since completing her Fine Arts Degree and studying with influential Australian jeweller Peter Lang.