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You can now use bitcoin to buy fine jewelry ranging from gold rings to bracelets and earrings and of course Shipping is free for all purchases.

Since 2008 JewelryAffairs has been a trusted source for gold and silver jewelry. Our customers can enjoy the same way the return policies and customer satisfaction guarantees apply to purchases made with bitcoin.

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You can get bitcoin in several ways, such as signing up for a Bitcoin wallet through services like Coinbase, exchanging them for cash at a Bitcoin exchange, or accepting them as payment for goods or services.

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At, you can shop for over 4000 of your favorite fine jewelry products. Simply add what you'd like to your Shopping Bag and proceed to Checkout.

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Select the BitPay or the Coinbase option under the Payment Information section of our checkout page at and simple proceed by feeling you information.

JewelryAffairs ships worldwide offering the best prices on all available countries.

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