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  • Top 4 Classic Earring Styles Every Women Should Own

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    Here are some of the best earrings styles that every women must have.

    1. Stud Earrings. The beauty of the stud is its simplicity. Usually made of a tiny gemstones or precious metals, the stud’s main attribute is that it looks like it’s suspended or hovering in the middle of nowhere on your earlobe. These earrings feature a hidden back post and has a back piece (also called a clutch) that has friction and screws on it to keep it from sliding off and getting lost. Studs don’t have any specially dictated shape, so they can be small flat circle shapes, squares, mini-orbs or diamond patterns. They may even be more specific shapes, such as crosses, guitars, stars or any other design. Studs work for everyone and for every look, but they work particularly well on girls, younger women, those with shorter haircuts and in any working environment. Studs are simple, stylish and the most versatile of all ear jewelry.

    2. Hoop Earrings. With a circular, semi-circular, or oval shape, hoops are ring-shaped ear jewelry that comes in various sizes and types of precious metals. You’ll find a wide variety of hoop sizes, as well as different thicknesses, types of metals and shapes. This classic look is often most effective on women with long hair that’s pulled back or up into a dressy bun or ponytail. Hoops often give the wearer an eclectic appearance.

    3. Cuff Earrings. Cuffs basically wrap around some portion of your ears. The shape of cuffs is somewhat similar to hoops, though much smaller and tighter so they can easily envelope the edge of your ears securely. They don’t have to be simple hoops. Cuffs often take on symbolic shapes such as the body of a man or woman clinging to the ear, an object such as a leaf or a rose and more. Cuffs often create more of a statement than other ear jewelry.

    4. Chandelier Earrings. This type of ear jewelry is often ornate, yet can still be adaptable to many circumstances, though they’re best worn for a night on the town in your favorite dress and a special hairstyle. These highly decorative earrings can be found in a variety of materials including metals, shells, beads, seeds, feathers and more.

    It won’t matter whether you’re seeking earrings for the office, a formal dinner, a Saturday afternoon at an outdoor concert or other occasions, you’ll find something that suits the occasion as well as your own fashion taste.

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  • Sterling Silver Anklets For the 2016 Summer.

    Posted on by Jewelry Affairs

    Hi there friends :)

    Jewelry Affairs is offering a wide selection of sterling silver anklets in many colors and sizes. Find pink, white, black, blue and many more colors and trends. Enjoy our 30 day money back policy and also our free shipping policy on all anklet orders made in the USA. For all of our international buyers that are interested in our jewelry please find our shipping rates here.

    Enjoy your summer everyone!


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  • The Met Gala Jewels and Accessories

    Posted on by Jewelry Affairs

    The 2016 Met Gala in NYC on May 2, was full of fabulous looks! All of our favorite stars headed to the Ball in drop-dead gorgeous dresses, but as always, it was all of the accessories and jewelry that truly stole the show. From Blake Lively’s, 28, earrings to Kendall Jenner’s, 20, diamond rings — there were a ton of glam looks.

    Ok we need to talk about Kendall’s dazzling baubles. She looked sexier than ever in her cutout Valentino gown, but it was her Lorraine Schwartz jewels that stole the show. She rocked over 60 carats of diamonds — how insane is that?

    Blake always looks flawless, and this time was no different when she donned a pink floral Burberry gown which she topped off with the sickest pair of Lorraine Schwartz statement earrings. The dangly earrings featured coral and diamond balls and they fell all the way at her shoulders.

    Another gal that rocked a ton of diamond Lorraine Schwartz rings was none other than Lady Gaga, 30. She donned a fistful of diamond lightning bolt rings that were literally blinding! Her jewels went so well with her edgy outfit!

    Last but never least, the blonde bombshell, Gigi Hadid, 21. Not only did she rock a $2,000 manicure, she was decked out in brass rings that looked like body armor and we are obsessed with this futuristic look.

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  • 14k Solid Gold Bar Necklace Sale!

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    Hi there friends!

    Today we are announcing a sale on our gold bar necklace witch will end at 3- 30 -2016.

    All white yellow and rose gold bar necklaces come with free shipping and free engraving. Just write a note on checkout process ( There is a box where you can write your request ) and we will engrave you necklace. 






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  • Classic Jewelry At The 2016 Grammy Awards.

    Posted on by Jewelry Affairs

    The Grammy Awards red carpet is seldom surprising except last night, when much of the jewelry I saw being worn by the music industry’s A-listers was, atypically, quite tame. In many cases, in fact, at the 58th annual Grammy Awards, the jewels were downright classic.

    Actually, the majority of pieces were so conventional gem chokers, stud earrings, and cocktail rings, for example that even Ryan Seacrest seemed comfortable. (I did spot a septum ring on Tove Lo, though I suspect the singer wasn’t interviewed by Mr. Seacrest, while he was co-hosting a red carpet pre-show special on the E! channel.)

    The tendency toward traditional was common among twenty-something style setters. From  in studs and a Lorraine Schwartz choker and ruby cocktail ring, to her BFF Selena Gomez in Norman Silverman Diamond hoops and a David Webb cocktail ring, the two female artists looked equally comfortable in their fresh-yet-still-simple Atelier Versace and Calvin Klein dresses, too.

    When deciding what to wear, Grammy-goers and Globe attendees are both drawing closer toward the middle. In jewelry, a perfect example is the multi-finger ring trend, something I realized was everywhere at this year’s SAGs and Golden Globes. It was a red carpet staple — and, truthfully, perhaps the strongest single trend. Will it last? It’s hard to tell. Although, with less than two weeks till the Oscars, that’s one trend you can count on seeing.

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