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  • Gold Prices Are Rising - Invest Now on Fine Gold Jewelry

    Posted on by Jewelry Affairs

    Dear Jewelry lovers

    As you may have witnessed precious metal prices are rising fast while inflation is hurting the power of fiat currency. Here at Jewelry Affairs we offer fine gold and silver jewelry at affordable prices.

    We also free shipping in the USA affordable international shipping. We can ship our beautiful jewelry on most of international countries.

    We also accept all major credit cards and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

    Visit our store and shop your fine jewelry and also invest at the same time. 

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  • Happy Valentines Day Lovers - Use Code JALOVE and Save 20%

    Posted on by Jewelry Affairs

    Happy valentines day to everyone!

    We here are Jewelry Affairs are offering s discount jewelry coupon for our shoppers to take advantage for this years Valentines day!

    Use discount coupon code JALOVE and save 20% on your jewelry purchase and also get free shipping :)

    Here is a link you can follow to some of our gold and silver heart and love themed jewelry

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  • Gold Prices are Rising Fast

    Posted on by Jewelry Affairs

    Paper gold is a price discovery sandbox. Physical gold is the real deal. Demand is what it is, but the supply side is getting interesting. President of Kazakhstan just banned gold exports. No gold coming out of Russia. If this continues (it will) good luck finding any.

    Shop now for you fine gold  jewelry on our online store.

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  • Gold Price is Rising Fast. Inflation is After All of Us. Act Now

    Posted on by Jewelry Affairs

    Gold prices are rising due to inflation and will rise more.

    Have you invested in gold by purchasing real fine jewelry?

    We offer real gold jewelry at still low prices with free shipping on all US orders.

    Today gold price reach $2500 dollars!

    Browse our catalog and find great styles and shop now.

    You will find gold chains gold earrings and bracelets at affordable prices.



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  • The 2020 Oscar Jewelry Echoes Old Hollywood Glamour

    Posted on by Jewelry Affairs

    By the time we get through awards season to the Academy awards, we are expecting the A- list stars to turn on the glamour and this year they did not disappoint. They brought it on old Hollywood style with some of the best gowns and jewels we’ve seen on the red carpet since the Emmy kicked off the season back in September throughout the various award in January. Let’s look at the best of Oscar 2020 jewelry:

    Necklaces shone as the key trend at the Golden Globes and although we saw some beauties on the red carpet throughout awards that followed, the 92nd Academy Awards brought them back as the star jewel in a variety of diamond styles.

    Greta Gerwig outdoes all her other awe-inspiring looks she’s worn on the red carpet this season in this Bvlgari’s High Jewelry Collection necklace of platinum, emeralds and diamonds.

    Charlize Theron has sparkled at each awards show and she does it again in this Tiffany & Co. necklace with 165 diamonds including a marquise diamond drop (over 21 carats) set in platinum

    Gal Gadot looks radiant in this Tiffany & Co. ‘Clara Necklace’ with an oval diamond (over 11 carats) and mixed-cut diamonds , set in platinum

    Earrings continue to be worn in a variety of styles, from small chandeliers to linear styles to button and stand out studs.
    Brie Larson hit a note of perfection with her entire look. Her Bvlgari earrings are the perfect shape and length for her gown and the rest of her jewels.

    Bracelets range from wide diamond curb link chain style piled up the arm to retro-inspired looks and a variety of bangles and cuffs. Diamonds connected the styles we saw throughout the evening.

    Sandra Oh in Pomellato, combines diamond curb chain cuffs and flexible bracelets together and wears them climbing up her wrist.

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