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Kim Kardashian Purchases Princess Diana’s Famous Cross Pendant

Kim Kardashian purchased Princess Diana’s Attallah Cross pendant for nearly $200,000, auction house Sotheby’s announced Wednesday, adding to a growing collection of historic pieces owned by the star. The piece of jewelry, made of amethysts and diamonds, was last worn by Diana, Princess of Wales, in 1987. A representative for Kardashian beat out three other bidders, for “more than double its pre-auction...

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Jewelry Affairs now accepts Bitcoin

We're delighted to inform you that we now accept the Bitcoin payment method, in addition to PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Bitcoin is a decentralized P2P currency that enables instant payments. Use Bitcoin to purchase gold and silver fine jewelry for men and women. We have teamed up with and Bitpay in order to provide the crypto payment service to...

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Jewelry Affairs Now Accepts Crypto Payments

We are happy to announce that we accept crypto payments now on all jewelry orders. Our customers can use their Coinbase wallet and purchase any item from our gold and silver fine jewelry catalog. Find gold chain necklace for men and women at small or large sizes at the best prices out there. Gold earrings, bracelets and rings are also available to...

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Gold Prices are Rising Fast

Paper gold is a price discovery sandbox. Physical gold is the real deal. Demand is what it is, but the supply side is getting interesting. President of Kazakhstan just banned gold exports. No gold coming out of Russia. If this continues (it will) good luck finding any. Shop now for you fine gold  jewelry on our online store.

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Gold Price is Rising Fast. Inflation is After All of Us. Act Now

Gold prices are rising due to inflation and will rise more. Have you invested in gold by purchasing real fine jewelry? We offer real gold jewelry at still low prices with free shipping on all US orders. Today gold price reach $2500 dollars! Browse our catalog and find great styles and shop now. You will find gold chains gold earrings and bracelets...

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4th Of July Discount Coupon

Hi there jewelry shoppers and happy 4th of July :) We are offering a special 4th Of July Discount Code that is good for our entire jewelry catalog. Save 20% on all orders by using coupon code 20JULY4. Free Shipping on all orders and also affordable international shipping.

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Amazon Prime Day 2021 Discount Code

Hi there Jewelry shoppers. Prime Day is approaching and we are sharing with you our discount coupon code. Visit our amazon store and find real gold and silver jewelry on sale. Use code I5QI54I9 and save 15% on all orders. Thank you for shopping with us!

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