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by Jewelry Affairs 04 Aug 2015



Earrings Guide

Sensing your longing to look fashionable on every occasion welcomes you to explore a scintillating range of a large collection of drop, hoop and stud earrings, which bring out the feminine beauty in an elegant & splendid manner. Light in weight yet long lasting in feature, these ladies fashion earrings can be worn comfortably with any attire completing for just any occasion. Most earring styles go with anything, so your gift won’t cause her wardrobe issues. The wide variety of earring types, sizes, and prices available makes it easy to find the perfect pair for a gift. She’ll remember you every time she wears them.


Stud Earrings make the perfect gift because they are always the right fit. Because they’re small, stud earrings are easy to wear. The most basic jewelry wardrobe piece, she may leave the house without a bracelet, but she’s almost always going to be wearing her stud earrings. They are small in size and would not fall below the earlobe. They more comfortable in wearing too.

You’ll find a variety of styles in cultured Pearl earrings, Diamond earrings and Gemstone earrings.


They go as easily with a cocktail dress as they do with jeans. Plain or diamond and gemstone hoops give a feminine touch, and precious metals go with anything. For added sparkle, choose a pair with diamonds. They come in different sizes. There shape is commonly round or oval. Some hang just below the earlobe, while others can reach to the shoulders.


Drop earrings are made to dangle below their setting. They are almost same as dangle earrings but they come in more than one layers and generally falls at least 1 to 2 inches below the earlobes. Swaying with movement, they can add an elegant touch. Pearl, diamond, and gemstone drop earrings are available in various settings.

Earrings as Gifts

A good pair of earrings can add extra charm to your beauty. Diamond studs are the perfect gift for an important occasion. If she is more fashionable and follows the trends, give her princess-cut diamond studs, but if she dresses in classic styles, give round diamond studs or cultured pearl studs.

Even if she has several pairs of earrings already, she’ll love to add a pair of beautiful hoop earrings to her rotation. Most women have a preference of the color of precious metals they wear, so look at her other jewelry to see what she prefers. Just select the right type of earrings to suit you look and also keep in mind that some earrings are heavy and long.

If studs and hoops are too predictable, silver earrings are available in a variety of fashionable

We beautify these earrings with countless striking stones. We offer chandelier pearl earrings, French earrings, French clip earrings, bridal chandelier earrings, bridal hoop earrings, chandelier hoop earrings, cubic zirconium hoop earrings, chandelier earrings, handcrafted bridal jewelry, pearl chandelier earrings, handmade pearl earrings, handmade chandelier earrings and many others.

Earring closures types.

In general there are many different types of closures in earrings, depending on the style. Earrings have been popular jewelry for both men and women for many years. Today, the types and styles vary from simple to those heavily adorned with jewels. With so many different varieties of earrings on the market, it is understandable that there are an equal number of closures and hinges for these pieces. Some of the most popular types are the following

French back closure or French wire.

French wires closures are popular on dangle earrings. These are designed for pierced ears and feature a piece of wire that resembles a fish hook. The wire slides through the pierced hole and holds the earring in place.
“French clip” or Omega closure.

The French clip or Omega back is another variation of a hinged earring closure design. This type closure back features a hinge in the earring design that allows the earring to be opened. The wearer then inserts a straight post into the pierced hole in the ear. The earring back snaps closed using the hinge design and the post enters an “o” shaped closure to lock the earring in place.
Hinged post closure.

The hinged snap back operates in a similar fashion to the hinged clip. However it was designed for use in pierced ears. The earring design spreads open with a hinge in the design. A person inserts a curved post into the pierced hole in the ear. Then, the curved post locks into a latch on the earring back to secure it into place.

Lever back closure.

Lever back earrings are a kind of earrings with a hook that fits through a pierced ear and meets with a clasp on the back side of the earlobe. The clasp connects with the hook, partially covering the part of the hook that extends through the pierced hole in the ear and out behind the earlobe. Some people wear lever back earrings because they like the look of these kinds of earrings. Others wear them because they are a kind of hook earring that is well secured on the ear.

Push back closure.

The single wire that juts out the back of an earring is the post or stud.  The post goes through the pierced earlobe and is held in place by a separate push-on clip that slides onto the post. These clips are called push-backs, push-back clips, friction-backs or tension-backs.

Screw back closure.

This backing features a basic bolt-and-nut design and is a slight variation of the standard post-and-finding clasp. The nut twists onto the threaded post.

Snap post closure.

A curved or straight post on the back of the earring snaps into a “v” shaped latch to secure the earring to the earlobe.

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